Critics' Award (1977)

Critics' award 1977 of the Association of German Critics to Jost Gebers
and Free Music Production (FMP)


On April 8, 1978, the 1977 critics' awards of the Association of German Critics were presented at the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts. In the area of music, the prize was awarded to Jost Gebers and Free Music Production (FMP).

Statement of the jury:

"FMP began its activities in 1968 with the institution of the ‚alternative' Jazz festival, the "Total Music Meeting". The "Workshop Freie Musik" was founded soon afterwards in collaboration with the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts and since then has been taking place regularly and highly successfully around Easter time. Additionally, FMP has not only taken under its wing a number of jazz ensembles - Globe Unity Orchestra, Peter Brötzmann Trio and others - but has also supported the work in the area of musical education of the Academy of Fine Arts on various occasions.

We are not only indebted to Jost Gebers for the organization and coordination of this multitude of activities which also include solo performances of the musicians; as recording engineer/producer he has also worked on a large number of Jazz recordings. Over the last decade he has been responsible for the production of more than fifty recordings of Free Music which represent a true picture of the European Jazz scene.

That an avant-garde European Jazz scene exists at all is largely due to the efforts of this musicians' coop and its leader Jost Gebers. The award of the music jury honours this exemplary, continuous and creative work."

Translation: Isabel Seeberg & Paul Lytton