FMP-RECORDS (SAJ-Numbers) 1974 - 1991


Julie Tippetts


When at last we were to make our long talked about album, we decided not to plan or even talk how we would approach it.

We would simply "pluck" our music from the air.

Being in a studio allowed us to double and multi track, and little extras like blowing bottles and the vacuum cleaners which were just found lying around the studio. This brought new dimensions to our totally free music, but not in a contrived way, as everything was done so naturally, and the extra layers of voices and instruments make the results all the more warm and organic (we feel).

We're a crazy pair, but we're serious musicians, and feel that this album shows many sides of our natures, both as working partners and as dear old mates.

The crazy conversation which opens the album was bone of our lunatic warm ups and we did not know we were being recorded. It is a mock argument about who is going to stand under which light (as if it is important) for the recording, and we swap positions and chatter in our crazy manner, and when we heard it, we really wanted to include it as a piece. We hope it comes across as funny to other people as it does to us.

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