FMP-RECORDS (SAJ-Numbers) 1974 - 1991

Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy-soprano saxophone

Side A recorded live by Franz de Byl on November 5th,1975
during the Total Music Meeting at the Quartier Latin in Berlin.
Side B recorded by Jost Gebers on April 1st,1975 in Berlin.
Produced by Steve Lacy and Jost Gebers.

SIDE A: 1 Deadline (7:51)
             2 Coastline (7:07)
             3 The duck (8:05)
SIDE B: 1 Cloudy (5:33)
             2 Moon (5:58)
             3 Stabs (7:30)
             4 No baby (4:23)
All compositions by Steve Lacy.

COVER: Artwork by Nino Malfatti. Layout by Jost Gebers.
Photographs by Dagmar Gebers.
REMARK: All Music Guide: 3 Stars
REMARK: Released on CD by FMP (FMP CD 138)

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