FMP S-SERIES (S-numbers) 1981-1991

FMP S-16 (EP/7inch)
Himmel auf Erden
Willi Kellers

Willi Kellers

Willi Kellers-sound sculptures

Recorded by Jost Gebers April 1985 in Münster.
Produced by Willi Kellers.

SIDE A: 1 Klanginstallationen (4:37)
                a Windharfe (1:44)
                b Eisenklopfer (0:58)
                c Materialschlange (1:18)
                d Erdeisen (0:37)
SIDE B: 1 Die Halle (4:31)
All music by Willi Kellers.

REMARK: Released as part of the catalogue for the exhibition
Himmel auf Erden in Münster (April 14 th – May 16 th, 1985).

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