Acknowledgment and thanks

At this juncture I would sincerely like to thank all those who, through the information and printed material (posters, infos, programs) forwarded to us, have enabled the very rapid completion of the historical aspects of these web pages. Unfortunately some of the supplementary information to the Total Music Meeting programs 1969 & 1970 is still missing.

Thanks also to the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt, who gave us permission to photograph the institute's stock of FMP covers. Additionally, the institute furnished us with a large number of the missing poster reproductions, so that nearly all posters can be found in the project section.

However, a reproduction of a third version of the cover of the first FMP publication: FMP 0010 European Echoes is still missing. This concerns the cover with a white background and blue print (text and photo). We would be very pleased to receive a photo or a file of this cover or even the original itself (it goes without saying that the latter would be returned to its owner).

Jost Gebers