Info about FMP publishing

The music publishing side of FMP, founded by Jost Gebers in 1985, was taken over by Anna Maria Ostendorf in 1992, and continued and developed under the name of FMP-Publishing. The reason for this split was to achieve a higher level of efficiency in the publishing area since this time consuming work could only be dealt with as a sideline within Free Music Production (FMP).

Since that time, alongside the typical work of a publisher (registration, classification, accounting), there has been a definite increased and additional promotion of the CD's on the FMP label, thereby creating a stronger public presence. Additionally, by request of some musicians, their own productions and/or recordings on other labels were included in this promotion.

Alongside this work, extensive manuscript editions (scores) were published at irregular intervals, not only of musicians/composers associated with FMP.

Since the supply of samples to the media through the licensee was not as felt necessary, already in the first year of the contract period, a small series of CD’s (limited to 15 units each) was issued by FMP-Publishing. These productions were envisaged strictly for broadcasting purposes by the German radio stations and definitely not for sale. This concerns former LP’s, alternative takes of previously published as well as unpublished material. All recordings were completely revised by Jost Gebers and mastered by Jonas Bergler and, in certain cases, also remixed.