FMP/FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION - An Edition of Improvised Music 1989-2004

FMP CD 128

Beñat Achiary


Peter was a man to whom one would have liked to sing lullabies or tender love songs.

I can still see him at my side, in the Kurdish café in Wuppertal, playing and singing in his double-bass. We were making anthropophagous, "cannibal" music- inspired, wild, dancing - that freely permeated and held us, trance-like.

"AHOZ AHO", from mouth to mouth, that's how it is done in the Basque Country, oral transmission is designated.

It was along these fertile roads of oral communication that he liked to voyage, meeting worlds with an unfailing generosity.

This great cuddly bear-of-a-man was consumed with love and that joyful yet sometimes desperate clairvoyance that animates life's lovers.

We will surely miss him but his presence in his commitment and ultimate altruism was so strong that his warm imprint still surrounds us.

Peter we are here without you, we are with you, your "absence is a presence".

Translation : Chrissie Holmes

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