FMP/FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION - An Edition of Improvised Music 1989-2004


Sam Rivers


A contribution of solo selections representing an individual approach to the ethereal art of spontaneous creativity - no preconceived thematic or harmonic conception - with form evolving organically as mental and emotional impulses translate into musical sounds presented with technical dexterity projecting an uninhibited emotion driven free flowing river of vibrant, bold, melodic inventions - constantly accelerating upward expanding outward momentum soaring through harmonic extensions punctuating an infusion of fleeting images illuminating shapes in dazzling displays of pyrotechnical virtuosity generating intricate textures with fluctuating bands of poly-chromatic colour radiating through hues on shifting mosaics emoting sonic explorations with primal forces stimulating incandescent forays penetrating dense clusters polytonal thrusts and a-tonal aberrations of sound colours defying melodic or harmonic analysis - tone colours permuting into a melange of designs with patterns interweaving fragments into coherent lines blossoming into flowers of musical perfection - dissolving into shimmering apparitions entangled in the tapestry of undulating sound colours floating through harmonic overtones juxtaposed over random percussive bursts of exhilarating reverberations cascading through quivering, fluttering arpeggios melding disparate musical influences into a structure depicting a paradigm of sparkling melodic inventions engulfing lyrical outpourings diffused through visceral expressions of blissful tranquility to unpredictable ever-changing soundscapes imbued with complex poly-rhythms revealing exquisite outlines in sophisticated detail - elegantly articulated cadenzas eloquently phrased lines producing an anatomy of intense emotional content - a reflection of intrinsic spiritual energy - a portrait.

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